Year 1 #sol17 30/31

Never have I ever… 

  • Snuck downstairs after the kids fell asleep to watch Jane the Virgin 
  • Spent an entire class period sitting in a circle sharing ghost stories
  • Ate animal crackers for lunch
  • Sent 20 snapchats to my best friend
  • Sung the songs from Moana right along with my three girls, loud and off key
  • had students brighten my day by leaving sticky note messages all over my desk and front board
  • Had so many things planned for one weekend (softball, groceries, dance pictures x 2, school play, library book sale, ice cream shop opening)

Yet, all of these “I have” and just this week!


5 thoughts on “Year 1 #sol17 30/31

  1. angelafaulhaber says:

    that’s a busy week! I love the frame you used to list these sweet and important things that happened to you this week. Great way to organize seemingly unconnected ideas. And they reveal so much about you too!


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