Year 1 #sol17 23/31

Thank you Teachingwanderlust for the inspiration for today (note to self – learn how to tag people and blogs…). Math autobiography. How she explained it was 10 numbers and their meaning or relevance to you. 

1 – I’ve only worked as a teacher (not sub) for one school. 

2 – I’ve only ever dated two guys in my life. I married the second one. 

3 – I have three beautiful girls: Makaylie, Kelsie, and Ellie. 

4. I work with four other English teachers, and they are the BEST!

5. My husband and I were fortunate enough to be able to go to Mexico last year, and we were there for five glorious days. 

6. The number I try to avoid because for some reason I associate it with bad luck, even singularly instead of a trio. However, it seems to bring some good luck too. It always seems to be involved when I win something. Guess I’m slightly superstitious. 

10. The number of years I’ve been married to be high school sweetheart. 

18. The number of years my best friend and I have known each other. 

19. The age I became a mother. I swore I wouldn’t wait as long as my mom did to have me (41). Guess I was right about that!

28. My largest class is 28. It’s also my age. 

This was a lot harder than I thought! I’m also exhausted from conference night. 


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