Year 1 #sol17 22/31

Thanks pokeygirl5 for the inspiration for today’s slice  – the 6 word story. 

  • My nephew, the troublemaker, strikes again.
  • Conference night. Papers to grade. Coffee. 
  • Two out of three. Always happens. 
  • My girls: Makaylie, Kelsie, and Ellie. 
  • Pink bear, baby, blanket – good night.
  • The silence fills me with peace. 
  • Netflix shows. Binge watch. Not again. 
  • Picky eaters. Chicken nuggets. Cheesy mac.
  • Too much fun. I can’t stop. 
  • Snapchat filters. Best friend. The laughter.
  • Frustrating students. Shakespeare’s hard. Gotta try!
  • Complain. Whine. Cry. Never good enough.
  • Ask so much. Help so little. 
  • Political egos. People suffering. What’s happening? 
  • Baseball season. Busy schedules. Worth it. 

Ending on a positive

  • Summer days. Coming soon. Can’t wait!


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