Year 1 #sol17 19/31

As Spring Break comes to an end and I begin to look at the events of this week, I begin to feel slightly overwhelmed. I have something planned every single day. I’m a creature of routine and habit. My days are usually pretty free due to having three kids who take up all my time as it is. But what’s the one thing that’s really making me anxious? Clothes. 

I try to pick out outfits as I put my clothes away, hanging them together in the closet. My closet and dresser are packed full of clothes. So why is it I never have anything to wear? Monday morning comes, and I grab the planned out outfit to put on. Only it doesn’t look quite right or feel comfortable enough. I have to feel my outfit is acceptable or even ok before I can move on to my other morning duties. Yet, I’ll waste easily 15 minutes changing outfit after outfit. Please tell me I’m not alone. 

It feels like nothing looks right, which then tells me to throw all my clothes away because it’s obviously not working out, and go buy new ones that won’t make you feel big and gross when you look in the mirror. Yet I have multiple outfits that have been bought due to these moments that are just hanging out, waiting for me to pick them – but I never will. Why? Because I’m a creature of routine and habit. I wear the same select pieces week in and week out. I don’t know why I do this to myself, but I’m really hoping that this is not an added problem to my already stressful week. 


4 thoughts on “Year 1 #sol17 19/31

  1. Liz Bailey says:

    I have to know what I’m wearing the night before or it ruins my morning. You are not alone; I think we all have the outfits that we feel best in and most comfortable.


  2. merlinette78 says:

    I can rarely plan what I’m going to wear the next day as my feelings can change and what the previous day might have felt right feels all wrong the next day. But you’re defiantly not alone on the picking the same clothes front. I’ve got my comfy clothes and they are my go to especially if I know I’m going to have a trying day ahead.


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