Year 1 #sol17 18/31

Cherished childhood moments. They range from one extreme to the next, including playing barbies, laying outside in the snow for what felt like hours (but was probably closer to 30 minutes), watching Disney movies (well into my teens…actually adulthood), even winning a be drug-free poster contest. But by far, the moment that has had the biggest impact has been the experience of living on an island for a year. If you know me, you might already know this, as it is by far the coolest thing about me. If you don’t know me, here’s a quick background. 

My mom was a school librarian. She had me later in her life, at 41, and was a single parent the majority of my life. She went back to school when I did and graduated by the end of my third grade year. For her first job and my 4th grade year, she asked me if I’d rather live somewhere tropical or a frozen tundra (Alaska). For me, growing up in Iowa, in all my 9 years of life experience, I was done with snow. I chose tropical. That’s how we made our way to a small tropical island along the equator southwest of Hawaii – American Samoa.

All images found on Google, but gosh darn it, I can’t find them to cite them now to save my life.

Tonight as I watched the movie Moana with my family, it brought back that island loving side of me. Something deeper than can be easily explained. It’s a combination of memories-rainforest scenery, tall mountains, deep blue oceans, colorful fish, the people, the culture. It’s something that I’m truly happy that I was able to experience. None of these picures do the real thing justice. You can literally see the curve of the earth as you gaze out at the oceanside. I mean come on, how cool is that!

Also, Moana was a very good movie. Go Disney! 


2 thoughts on “Year 1 #sol17 18/31

  1. lsmith0917 says:

    WOW! What a life changing experience for you! I can only imagine what you experienced during your life on an island. How incredible! Also, I agree, loved Moana as well! 🙂


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