Year 1 #sol17 14/31

Sitting at my daughter’s softball practice, and it becomes blatantly obvious. I have a problem. Call it a side effect of growing up during the millennium, if you will. I’ve always been this way. Some call it shy. Others awkward. Ok, I’ll just say it. I’m socially inept. I suck at making eye contact, striking up a conversation, and keeping a conversation going. But I’m a really good observer though! 

Yet, my child is becoming more a part of different activities, such as dance and softball, that gets me interacting with other adults. Adults who I don’t really know. Or know how to get to know. Only now, I see my social ineptitude is reflecting itself in my child. This is a problem. 

My best friend can talk for hours on end. Big stuff, small stuff, and everything in between. She’s just like her mom. Whereas I’m just like my mom; I’m content just sitting there for hours listening, occasionally adding a few things in here or there. She’s the one that keeps our conversations going, and she knows it! But with other people, people I don’t know, it’s so hard to be friendly. I guess I don’t really know the point of this post other than to put it out there and maybe get suggestions from non-socially secluded people. 🙂 


6 thoughts on “Year 1 #sol17 14/31

  1. bjdonaldson says:

    You slice is so honest and real. Thanks for sharing. I believe, however, that all kinds of people are needed in the world. I’m glad we’re not all the same. Being a good listener is a great quality. I have a reserved personality so I usually just ask people questions about themselves. Then, I don’t have to do much talking. 🙂


  2. jsementelli says:

    I agree with the above comment- this world needs all types of people, and as someone like myself who is wildly extroverted and a huge talker, I so appreciate all of my quiet friends who just listen. I have one friend, who I never truly know what she’s thinking or how she’s feeling because she is so quiet. I love her to death but I wish she would speak up more throughout our quiet hikes, long car rides, and dinner outings simply because I want to make sure she is enjoying herself you know? SO I guess my advice to you would just be to make sure you are expressing some sort of emotion, even if it’s as simple as “what a beautiful day”- something to let someone know how you’re feeling. What would your advice to me be? Do I push to get more out of you or simply smile in agreement?


    • Joy Berg says:

      I think it just depends on the situation. I know my friend sometimes will say things like don’t let me talk the whole time, but I don’t mind. I find ways to insert myself when I want to.

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  3. wakeupandwrite says:

    People think that I’m really social and outgoing but mostly I know how to smile and ask people how they are doing and listen to them. I’m an observer too but only my very best friends know that about me because I’ve trained myself to ask others to talk about themselves.


  4. vendija723 says:

    I once brought a book to a birthday party my child was invited to before she was old enough to just be dropped off. When I mentioned this to an extroverted friend, she said, “Oh, you’re one of THOSE moms!” Yep. It’s hard to make small talk with strangers, and I just can’t believe that anyone really enjoys it. I’d much rather read my book!


  5. romeolitcoach says:

    I must be an in-betweener. At times I can talk to total strangers about anything, and at times I’d rather sit back and take it all in. Bravo to you for noticing that this trait may be effecting your daughter. Just being aware may be all you need to do.


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