Year 1 #sol17 8/31

Today I’m just going to focus on a fun point for my English 1 classes. I introduced sonnets and all the fun stuff that goes into making a poem a sonnet. I could see students yawning, glancing at the clock, and eyes starting to grow heavier and heavier. This informative approach just wasn’t working. Luckily, I expected that. My approach will most likely be better next year. Each time you learn something new to try. Right? 

So we moved on to deciphering Shakespeare’s sonnet Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day? I could practically hear the inner groans and students moving around in their seats awaiting a long and torturous lesson. We practiced reading through the regular version then a paraphrased version. They were still struggling. And let’s be honest, I struggle too sometimes with Shakespeare! 

Then came the fun part. We read and discussed Shakespeare’s fun sonnet, sonnet 130. (I believe.) The one where he’s making fun of the typical love poem. As I read it through the first time, I could see some silent light bulbs starting to go off, but they weren’t quite yet sure of more than just a few words. Then we started dissecting it line by line and as we went, they started snickering and saying Man, that’s messed up! And it might be my imagination, but I dare say that at least some of them enjoyed it! I’m getting excited to teach Romeo and Juliet this year. Each year gets better and better!


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