Year 1 #sol17 2/31

Watching the minutes passing by

Cursing myself and wondering why

I’ll never learn to get it done 

And not fall victim to procrastination 
Procrastination. It’s one of my worst habits. Always has been. In high school and in college. Heck, even with teaching. I luckily have first hour prep, but I’ve come to heavily rely on it. Creating worksheets and reading stories to be taught the following period. It’s the type of behavior that drives me crazy in my students yet I’m no better than them. (Aren’t we all just as bad as them? If you watch us in staff meetings or assign us extra work to do, the teen behaviors we despise come oozing out.) This is definitely an area I need to work on… as I’m sitting here thinking about a topic for today’s #SOL17 post, an hour before cut off. C’est la vie. 


2 thoughts on “Year 1 #sol17 2/31

  1. teachingbychance says:

    Happy to have found a fellow procrastinator! Glad I’m not the only one…I have procrastinated as well on my first and second post! We will get through this challenge, even if we have to procrastinate all the way through. 🙂


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