Year 1 #sol17 1/31

So many ideas run through my mind as I think about what I should focus my first blog post on. An introduction. A poem. A memory. A dream. A challenge. An inspiration. But one moment from my day keeps popping into my mind, so I’m going to focus on that. 

As a teacher, we often feel overworked and underappreciated. So many negative comments are made about us, towards us. To do lists seem to be piling up like junk mail. Sometimes we feel like we’re drowning, barely treading water enough to keep our heads above surface. It always seems like that’s the time when students ask more of you. They form a line that rotates throughout the entire length of the class asking endless questions that you just repeated. Twice. Yet you smile and encourage them for showing the initiative of asking rather than sitting there doing nothing, or worse – playing on their phones. 

When those waves finally recede, you have a student come in asking you to check their paper. Sure. Why not. I have nothing else to do. Oh, it was due yesterday and you need it asap… I’ll do my best. Sometimes, you don’t even have that student in class, but they sought you out to ask for help. 

Or others asking to use the fridge in your room. Microwave. Keurig. Pencil. Pen. Paper. The list is endless really. 

Then, one day, out of nowhere comes this card. A thank you card from one of your students. Just wanting to thank you for always being there with a smile. 

And you know what, that’s what makes it all worth it. Those cards, sticky notes, kind words on the board. Yeah, it might be cheesy or not 100% truly how they feel, but it’s enough to help you keep going when your legs are getting tired of treading water. 
My name is Joy Berg. I’m a high school English teacher and yearbook sponsor. I have 3 daughters ages 2, 3, and 8. This is only my third year teaching and first participating in the slice of life challenge. 


4 thoughts on “Year 1 #sol17 1/31

  1. wahooteacher says:

    Welcome to the #sol community of writers! Your post reminded me of the notes that several of my students have written to me. They always seem to write one of these notes on a day when I need to hear that I’ve made a difference for them. Thank you for sharing this:)


  2. Cathy says:

    Welcome to the Slice of Life Challenge.

    This line speaks volumes: “Sometimes we feel like we’re drowning, barely treading water enough to keep our heads above the surface.” Isn’t this the truth. It isn’t easy work, but I often wonder if there is any work that is as rewarding.

    Best of luck with the challenge,


  3. romeolitcoach says:

    You are one busy lady! So glad you decided to jump into the March Challenge! I to hang onto those tokens of admiration that we occasionally get- some days you just need to reread them to know we made the right choice. I love your intro to yourself. I look forward to hearing more about your daughters.


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