What am I thinking?

As you may know, I’m both a teacher and mom. Sometimes they get in the way of each other. For some unknown-to-me reason, I read a post about doing a daily slice of life writing challenge and thought, hey, that doesn’t sound so bad! I know I’m not the strongest writer amongst my peers, but how else do I expect to get better unless I practice. So I said, let’s do this! 

Little did I know that the following week my oldest daughter would be starting softball practices. Call it karma or whatever you want. I’m the one who pushed her to try playing softball. She was perfectly happy with finally deciding to stick with dance long enough to complete a full year. She didn’t want to do two things at the same time, but here I am saying, no! It’ll be fine! Dance is over in May, and softball is a summer sport. No worries! Only to find out that it actually begins the last week of February.  February! Now my husband and I have the pleasure of two girls in dance, one in a church group, and now two nights of softball practice for the months of March, April, and May- all while we both work full-time. I know, no big deal. Tons of parents juggle this kind of schedule with their kids, but I can’t help like feel a slight sting from karma’s slap in the face. March alone holds parent teacher conferences, full schedules, two birthdays, and now, voluntarily, a writing commitment. To say this is going to be a challenge for me is an understatement. Nevertheless, here we go. 

Summer Solstice

24 long hours of fun

1. Sleeping in 

2. No rush to get out of your comfy clothes

3. Swimming lessons 

4. Craft time

5. Play time outside

6. Grilling

7. Popsicles

8. Going for walks

9. Bike rides

10. Late nights watching movies

11. Snuggles with my girls

12. Potty training

13. Sunscreen

14. Iced coffee

15. Cleaning house

16. Painting

17. Snacks

18. Planning some lessons

19. Making some phone calls

20. Reading a few books (can’t decide which one to read first)

21. Trips to the library

22.  Visiting family

23. Folding laundry

24. Loving every minute of it

Year 1 #sol17 30/31

Never have I ever… 

  • Snuck downstairs after the kids fell asleep to watch Jane the Virgin 
  • Spent an entire class period sitting in a circle sharing ghost stories
  • Ate animal crackers for lunch
  • Sent 20 snapchats to my best friend
  • Sung the songs from Moana right along with my three girls, loud and off key
  • had students brighten my day by leaving sticky note messages all over my desk and front board
  • Had so many things planned for one weekend (softball, groceries, dance pictures x 2, school play, library book sale, ice cream shop opening)

Yet, all of these “I have” and just this week!

Year 1 #sol17 28/31

Right now I am…..

::enjoying the warmth of my blankets against my freezing cold toes

::feeling overwhelmed by my schedule for the month of April

::appreciating my loving husband for taking care of the girls while I had to work late due to conferences

::admiring the creativity in the writing I see from this challenge, such as this form I stole from Terje

::savoring the last moments of quiet in the house before I fall asleep

::hoping that I’m not exhausted in the morning

::looking forward to seeing my students perform the play Peter Pan this weekend

::wishing it was the weekend already!

Year 1 #sol17 27/31


4 days left and I will have completed a month straight of blogging.


Tomorrow is the second conference day. I’ll be missing my daughter’s softball practice. What the heck is April going to be like when I have three going to practice?


My youngest doesn’t sleep through the night. Never has. She’s two and a half. Tonight will be no different. The midnight wake up call. The crying. The coming to our bed and pushing us off. The bad quality and lack of sleep is getting to us. 


It felt like a Tuesday today, but it was only Monday. The week is going to drag on forever and a day. And the complaints are getting louder. It’s Shakespeare. Get over it. He’s not going away. 

Today is only Monday. 

Year 1 #sol17 26/31


Empty, bare

No more pictures

Plain walls stare back

It has finally hit me

Next year won’t be the same

The halls will be quiet

The laughing will stop

The coffee gone

Retiring, leaving


Year 1 #sol17 25/31

Thankful list 

  • Family and friends to spend the day with
  • Fun nights out as a family
  • Having all three girls trying to use the potty (mainly applies to the youngest)
  • Buying a good movie
  • Reading a good book 
  • Cozying up in bed 
  • Coming to the last week of writing and realizing you did it!
  • Cupcakes and ice cream
  • Funny snapchats with friends
  • Meeting your baseball co-coach 

Year 1 #sol17 24/31

Eyelids heavy, I walk into my classroom tired from a late night of conferences followed by interrupted sleep by way of a two year old. 

I’m glad I decided to stop and get a coffee AND a tea. (The tea just happened to be by the coffee machine. It’s like it was speaking to me, so I bought it too.)

I sit down at my desk and my phone rings. Who’s calling me right before the first bell even rings? Oh, lovely. I get to cover a class. 

I look forward to relaxing on the couch when I get home, but then I remember, oh yeah, my husband wants to take down the wallpaper – the bane of my existence – and paint before people come over tomorrow. That should be fun. Not. Most likely, it won’t even get done. 

And to top it all off, today’s my middle daughter’s birthday! She turned 4 today and was so excited about preschool. But now I get to clean, decorate, bake, and plan for tomorrow’s party – after the wallpaper. 

I’m too exhausted for this. 

Year 1 #sol17 23/31

Thank you Teachingwanderlust for the inspiration for today (note to self – learn how to tag people and blogs…). Math autobiography. How she explained it was 10 numbers and their meaning or relevance to you. 

1 – I’ve only worked as a teacher (not sub) for one school. 

2 – I’ve only ever dated two guys in my life. I married the second one. 

3 – I have three beautiful girls: Makaylie, Kelsie, and Ellie. 

4. I work with four other English teachers, and they are the BEST!

5. My husband and I were fortunate enough to be able to go to Mexico last year, and we were there for five glorious days. 

6. The number I try to avoid because for some reason I associate it with bad luck, even singularly instead of a trio. However, it seems to bring some good luck too. It always seems to be involved when I win something. Guess I’m slightly superstitious. 

10. The number of years I’ve been married to be high school sweetheart. 

18. The number of years my best friend and I have known each other. 

19. The age I became a mother. I swore I wouldn’t wait as long as my mom did to have me (41). Guess I was right about that!

28. My largest class is 28. It’s also my age. 

This was a lot harder than I thought! I’m also exhausted from conference night.